John G Maxwell

Professional Board & Executive Certified Coach & Speaker

My Coaching Philosophy:

Each individual has significant unleashed potential; support from a seasoned and professional coach can be a significant accelerator to success.

We are living in extraordinarily challenging times given the pandemic, economic headwinds and geopolitical events.It is important to maintain a learning versus judgmental mindset as well as a curious versus an anxious perspective. This is easier said than done; an effective coach can help you maintain a positive attitude while you are under stress and dealing with adverse circumstances, which is key to success.

Clients can significantly benefit from working with an experienced executive in a trust based, confidential process. We are all dealing with information overload, technology disruption and increasingly complex and fast paced external forces. Having an independent, objective and experienced coach that will provide a client with the “psychological air” to share their hopes and concerns can help the client clarify and act on the key strategic decisions they need to execute for success.

John’s experience includes serving as a trusted business advisory to many Fortune 500 C-suite executives and members of the Board of Directors. Listening effectively and asking strategic questions before providing advice is a cornerstone to building trust based relationships. Also, empathically understanding where a client is coming from while holding each other accountable is the best way to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Many of John’s business and personal relationships have been built over decades of interactions.